WeVenture Brand Story

Why are we called WeVenture and what does that name mean to us? There are two elements to this name. The first is “Venture”. The various dictionary definitions all share the idea that ‘a venture’ or ‘to venture’ involves doing something or going somewhere and that action is daring/courageous, and it involves risk. It also can be a noun or a verb. You can participate in a venture, or you can venture. In our modern tech company world, the word ‘venture’ is often associated with business and investment. For us ‘venture’ means going somewhere and doing something. Something new, something novel, and something that will change us. Our idea of ‘venture’ is closer to the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. There is risk and the thing at risk are people’s preconceived notions, biases, and stereotypes. We venture out into the world to discover and grow as people and as a community. We invite others to venture with us. To join our “We”.

The second part of our name is the “We”. This “We” means a lot to us. First it means our team who are the most important part of WeVenture. Next it speaks to the “We” that is formed when our guests join our team on one of our experiences. Together they are taking a journey that will transform all of them, expose them to new things, new ideas and new ways of thinking. There is no experience or transformation without our guides or without our guests. Our work is profoundly human work, and it is rooted in the human experience. That brings us to the expanding concentric circles that are our “We”. It goes beyond our guests and team to the people we visit on our experiences. The shop owners, museum staff, waitstaff, bus drivers, and more. Beyond that are the people that live in the communities where our experiences happen and, in the communities, where our guests live. The “We” also extends to the entire travel and experiences industry and beyond that to the entire world. We believe we are all interconnected, and our experiences celebrate that interconnectedness and hopefully those that participate in our experiences come away with a greater understanding and capability to live successfully in an interconnected world. We believe our work impacts all of these circles and we consciously work to ensure that it is a positive impact.

Destination Manager

Barry Marrow

Assistant Manager of Training & Onboarding

DJ Reinhard

Assistant Manager of Sales & Logistics

Kevin Fanning

What makes us different?

Passion & Creativity

We are passionate about our home – Washington DC. Whether you are a local or visiting from out of town, whether you are here for a conference or saying “I do”; whether you just need a ride or choose to take one of our custom tours, you will be our guest. We don’t take that lightly! Whatever it is that you are looking for, our creative and dedicated team will work with you to ensure you have the Best.Day.Ever!


Team Effort



Hard Work